(Dutch) Stamppot Andijvie by Michael Berendsen

Michael Berendsen (Director) currently lives in Italy. Every time he visits The Netherlands, he will bring all the ingredients for stamppot andijvie back home, as he loves this typically Dutch dish. Today he is sharing his favourite dish with you!


• 1 white onion

• 200 gram smoked bacon cubes

• 400 gram freshly cut Endive salad (buy a bag already cut)

• Maggie Potato Puree (Aardappel Puree) Stampot extra Grof 2 sachets = 230 gram

• 500 ML Water

• 1 Unox Rookworstje (sausage) mager 200 gram


1. Cut the onion in little blocks/chives and bake it brown and add the bacon blocks till they are brown backed too

2. Boil 500 ml water in a big pan, when it boils take it off the fire and add while stirring, the Puree powder sachets

3. Add the Endive salad to the puree in turns with adding the backed onions/bacon blocks. When all is in, stir it all.

4. Micro wave the Sausage 1 min

5. Put it all on a plate and add some real Amsterdam sour onions and gherkins

6. Eet Smakelijk!!