Building and Apartment Information 


For your convenience the apartments have a separate storage/washing room with a washing machine and dryer. Washing machine tablets are provided with the welcome amenities. These tablets are not refilled during the weekly cleaning.


At Corporate Housing Factory we provide cleaning services on a weekly basis. Your designated cleaning day can be found on the welcome letter you received. Weekly cleaning is provided on Monday or Thursday. We do a general cleaning of your apartment and refresh the linens/towels. If you would like to know what we expect from you, please check the section ‘tenants responsibilities'.


To dispose your garbage, exit the Hartje Gent property and turn left. On the corner across the street, you will find four containers. Swipe your (black) electronic key on the right bottom corner of the display and pull the handle.At the back of both the Albert Heijn and Emté Supermarkets there are recycling containers for glass. Garbage disposal is the tenants responsibility during their stay including departure. Please help us recycling as much as possible to keep our environment green and safe.


Please note there is no option to store your luggage at this property prior to the confirmed arrival time.


Your hairdryer can be found in the bathroom!  


Would you like to have some fresh or extra towels? No problem! We are happy to deliver these in your apartment. Please contact our Service Desk.


Expecting guests? We are happy to place an extra bed in your apartment! If you would like us to place an extra bed in your room, there is an additional charge of €20 per night excluding 21% VAT. 

Kindly be aware that not all apartments can accommodate an additional bed. Please contact the Service Desk, they will provide guidance on the feasibility of adding a bed. 


For infants we do have baby cots available. Use of the highchair and baby cot is without extra charge and upon availability. Please contact our Service Desk if you would like us to place these items in your room. 



You find your mailbox key attached to your set of apartment keys. The mailboxes are located at the entrance of the property.

If you receive mail for a previous tenant, please drop the letters in our office mailbox (number 73). Moving away but still expecting mail here? Please share your new address with us and we will forward incoming mail to you. Please do not forget to sign out or change your address at the city hall during your week of your departure.

Package Deliveries

If you would like to order a package during your stay, please use your apartment address. The apartment address is stated on your welcome letter.


Public Transport Card

If you want to travel with public transport, you need to use a OV-chip card.

The anonymous OV-chip card (€7,50) can be purchased at train station counters and

reloaded at NS kiosks. Nevertheless, you can also buy an online card here.

Do not forget to check yourself in and out to avoid a fine.

Rent a Bike

The closest bike rental shop is Fietsverhuur Eindhoven.


If you want to order food during your stay, you can use your apartment address. Hereby

some options to order food:





In case you need urgent assistance outside office hours, call our office number

+31881169501 and the right assistance provided

National Emergency Number:

In case of a life threat, call the general emergency number: 112

Emergency Instructions:

What to do in case of an emergency (fire, emergency or accident)

- Call 112

- Report:

  • Your name
  • The location; Hartje Gent Building, Gerard Philipslaan 5616 TV Eindhoven (Clearly state your apartment number!)

- The scope, problem, number of victims


- Leave the building calmly, do not run

- Do not use the elevator

- Go to the assembly station on the field across the street



Please take the following in consideration:

- Please help our cleaning staff and put your personal belongings aside, put used dishes in the dishwasher or sink and make sure the floor is clear on the day our housekeeping staff is scheduled to clean your apartment.

- Dispose of the garbage.

- Avoid dried-on or burnt deposits to prevent damage of the stove.

- Report damage as soon as possible.

We unfortunately have to charge you a minimum fine of €150 in case of noncompliance.


Corporate Housing Factory is 100% smoke-free.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the building, only outside on the street.

Neglecting this rule will result in a fine of €250 (and neither of us wants this to happen).

Therefore, we highly appreciate your cooperation in respecting our no-smoking policy.