How to Videos

Want to know how to use the appliances in your apartment and how to gain access to various areas on the property? Watch the videos below!

At Corporate Housing Factory we always schedule a check-in appointment with our arriving guests so that we can personally welcome you to your new (temporary) home. This meet and greet ensures that you have a smooth check-in experience.

Upon arrival, one of our service hosts will meet you at the property where you’ll be staying. Here we’ll hand over the keys, shortly explain a few things about the apartment (building), its facilities and provide some practical information such as local recommendations. Of course, you can also ask all the questions you might have about your stay.

On the right side of the main entrance you will find a black panel. To access the building hold the black tag in front of the red light. As soon as it turns green, the sliding doors will open and you can enter the building. After the first sliding door is closed the second door will open. 

When you have reached the apartment, hold the black tag in front of the red light (on the black panel). The light turns green and the door opens automatically. When you close the door, the door will be automatically locked. 

If the door does not open, please wait 10 seconds and try again. Needing assistance? Feel free to contact us!

Let us know and we will be happy to open the apartment door for you!

If this occurs outside office hours, please call +31 (0)88 1169 501. Company Securitas will come to the property to open the apartment door. Please note that there is an extra charge of €75. We will mail the invoice directly to you. Do not pay the Securitas employee. The payment must be settled by you with our Corporate Housing Factory office. 

Loss of keys

In case of a lost electronic apartment key, please inform us as soon as possible so we are able to deactivate your apartment key. When replacing the apartment key, we will be obliged to charge you €50 excluding 21% VAT.

In case of a lost hard key, the replacement of the key including the change of the locks is €300, excluding 21% VAT.

 We’re sorry to see you leave!  

The check-out is scheduled on the day of departure before 11:00am. Simply leave the key on the table and close the door behind you.  

  We hope you had a delightful stay and wish you a safe journey home. Of course, don’t forget to leave us a review on Google!