In the Netherlands the standard voltage is 230 V.

Forgot your adapter? Then we would like to refer you to stores as Coolblue or MediaMarkt.


The login and password of your WIFI network can be found on your welcome letter or under the view booking section on your dashboard.

Lost your login details? Please contact our Service Desk.

Having problems connecting? Please try to reset the internet connection by resetting the router. The router can be found in the storage area of your apartment. Still having problems? Please contact us and we will help you reconnect!


We offer you 2 options and both have a lot of different international channels:

  • TV (Analogue): Press the power button on the black remote control. (is LG remote)
  • TV with UPC: Press the power button on the black remote control. (is LG remote)


  • First, check the UPC setting:Press on the button Input on the top of the black remote (is LG remote)
  • Secondly, choose between AV1 or AV2 to watch UPC.(If you are not sure: Have a look behind the TV to check which outlet the cable is connected, the scart connecting, above this is mentioned AV1 and AV2.)
  • Third, switch on the UPC decoder (Silver remote)press power on top of the remote (UPC button =power button).

Please note that there is a third remote control for the Radio, this one is also black.


Having any technical issues in your apartment? Please let us know and we will try to resolve this as soon as possible for you!